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Arkansas State University

New Students Guide to the Library: Study Rooms

Welcome to the A-State Library! This guide will help you get started navigating around the library and using its resources. It's a big place, but there's no need to be intimidated.

Study Rooms

The library has more than 20 study rooms available to students. They are first come first serve. Some of the study rooms are very small (mostly located on the third, fourth, and fifth floors) while others are good for larger groups. 

The library also has a presentation room for students to use to practice speeches and other presentations. You can contact the library's circulation department to reserve the room ahead of time or, if it's not in use at the time, walk in and use the room.

You can also check out dry-erase markers to use on the study room whiteboards. Check them out from the service desk on the second floor. Just make sure you have your student ID with you.

Pictured above is one of the library's study rooms on the second floor.