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Arkansas State University

New Students Guide to the Library: Printing and Computers

Welcome to the A-State Library! This guide will help you get started navigating around the library and using its resources. It's a big place, but there's no need to be intimidated.


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Basic Info

Your physical student ID is your passport to the library's resources. You will need it to check out any materials or to reserve the presentation room. 

Logging into computers requires your username and password, the same one you use to access your email and MyCampus account. So, if your email is, then to log in to a library computer you would enter:

username: freshman.student

password: supersecretpassword

Your library account can be accessed here. You can see what materials you have checked out, when they are due, and you can renew materials for another checkout period. 

Off-campus access to the library requires you to authenticate with your username and password.

Printing at the Library

Depending on your classification, you are allocated a certain amount of free printing each semester. Any unused printing will carry over into the next semester, except for the beginning of a new school year, when it will reset. 

  • Undergraduate students: $18.75 each Fall & Spring (about 250 pages)
  • Graduate (non-doctoral) students$25.00 each Fall & Spring (about 500 pages)
  • Doctoral students:$50.00 each Fall & Spring (about 1000 pages)

Each page you print costs $.05, unless you print double-sided, which only costs $.04 per page.

We currently only have black and white printing. The library does not have color printing at this time.

If you run out of free printing funds, you can add money to your Express Dollars account to continue printing.