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Business Management & Administration: Periodicals

Learn about business management & administration resources available through the library.


  • "Periodicals" is the term used to include newspaper, magazine, and journal titles. 
  • Technically, the word refers to just about any publication that is printed periodically.  Sometimes something that looks like a book might really be classified as a "periodical".
  • For the practical purposes of this section of the LibGuide, we will mean newspapers, magazines and journals.
  • Most periodical articles can be easily identified in OneSearch or in most any of the individual databases that feature articles.  .
  • Many citations for individual articles will have links to either the full text (online) or information about our paper holdings for particular magazine titles. 

Some citations may include links for both full text and paper.  Some may not have either.  If that is the case, articles may usually be obtained using the Inter-library Loan service in the library.  From the library's homepage in the left column, one can find the link to begin the process to obtain an article through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).


Scholarly and peer reviewed are your "academic" articles. These are the ones that deal directly with research, history or theory. Most likely, your professor wants you to use these types of articles. Both types of articles are written by scholars, experts in the field often associated with a university or an organization. Peer reviewed articles must also be approved by a group of scholars before being published to ensure that the research presented is factual and relevant. Not everyone can get peer reviewed.

General articles are geared towards an educated audience but are usually general in nature, appealing to anyone, and rarely contain any scholarly material. Examples of general publications include Time and The Economist. It's not that these are bad resources, they're just not great.

Popular magazine articles are usually ones that you read for entertainment. These are usually the type of publications that you find at the grocery store checkout. Chances are if there's a celebrity on the cover, it's a popular magazine.

For a more in-depth look at the differences, please visit our Scholarly Journals guide.


Print journals (journals in the library)

Print journals from 1990 to present are located on the second floor in the tower and are shelved alphabetically by the title of the journal.  Use the library catalog to search for the journals -- however, most of the journals that we house in the library are also available online via a database.  If you are looking for pre-1990 journals, you will need to fill out a retrieval request form.

Online journals

Online journals are accessed through the library’s web page through the Journals search box. You can also search for articles using the databases listed on the database page.