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Arkansas State University

2020 Election Guide: Presidential Candidates on the Issues

Presidential Candidates on the Issues

Compare 2020 Presidential Candidate Positions

A Side-by-Side Comparison Between Candidates on Key Issues*


Positions are categorized as Pro, Con, Not Clearly Pro or Con (NC), or None Found (?). Candidates who have changed positions have Now before their positions. To read the candidate's sourced statement, click on the Pro, Con, NC, or ?. We will continue to update this chart until the Nov. 3, 2020 election.   B
    D R Lib Grn's Questions

1. Crime & Justice
Should Police Departments Be Defunded, if Not Abolished?

  Con Con Pro Pro

2. Crime & Justice
Should the US Ban Assault Weapons?

  Pro Now Con Con Pro

3. Crime & Justice
Should Federal or State Governments Implement Ban the Box Legislation, which Prevents Employers from Asking about a Job Applicants' Criminal History?

  Pro Pro NC Pro

4. Crime & Justice
Should the US End the Cash Bail System?

  Pro Con Pro NC

5. Crime & Justice
Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed?

  Now Con Pro Con Con

6. Crime & Justice
Should the Use of Private Prisons Continue?

  Con Pro Con Con

7. Crime & Justice
Should Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases Be Made Law?

  Pro Now NC Con Pro

8. Domestic Policy
Should Confederate Statues Be Taken Down?

  Pro Now Con Pro ?

9. Domestic Policy
Should the District of Columbia Be Given Statehood?

  Pro Now Con NC Pro

10. Domestic Policy
Should the Federal Government Adopt Net Neutrality Rules?

  ? Con Con Pro

11. Domestic Policy 

Should the Federal Government Mandate Paid Family and Medical Leave for All Americans?

  Pro Pro Con Pro

12. Domestic Policy

Should Public Sector Employees Have the Right to Unionize?

  Pro Con Con Pro

13. Domestic Policy

Should Puerto Rico Be Given Statehood?

  NC Now Con ? NC
14. Domestic Policy

Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legal Federally?

  Con NC Pro Pro

15. Domestic Policy

Should the Government Regulate Social Media Sites to Prevent Fake News and Misinformation?

  Pro Pro Con Con

16. Domestic Policy

Should the Federal Government Provide Universal Childcare?

  Con Con Con Pro

17. Economy

Should the US Economy Be Shut Down again during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic if Recommended by Scientists?

  Pro Con Con ?

18. Economy

Should the Federal Government Pay Reparations to the Descendants of Slaves?

  Now NC Con Con Pro

19. Economy

Should Federal Taxes Be Increased?

  Pro Con Con Pro

20. Economy

Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Increased?

  Pro Now Con Con Pro

21. Economy

Should Federal Welfare Benefits Have Work Requirements?

  Now NC Pro Pro NC

22. Economy

Should the US Implement a Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

  Con ? Con Con

23. Economy

Should the US Implement a Wealth Tax?

  Con Now Con Con Pro

24. Education

Should Schools Reopen during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic?

  Pro Pro NC ?

25. Education

Should For-Profit Charter Schools Receive Federal Funding?

  Con Pro Con Con


* See for additional issues and information