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Arkansas State University

Cochrane Library: Search Manager

Guide to using the Cochrane Library database.

Search Manager

The Search Manager allows you to create and save complex multi-line searches. It supports the use of logical operators, field labels, nesting, and wildcards among other things.  It is designed to build more elaborate, sophisticated searches and save them, but doesn't actually search the database.

To get to the Search Manager, you must first click on Advanced Search.  There is a tab at the top of that search box labeled Search Manager. 

1. The circled M allows you to enter a MeSH term into that row

2. Clicking on this symbol will open up all of your search limits

Search Help is the most important link on the screen.  It explains in-depth everything you can do with this search and exactly how to use the phrase searching, use boolean operators, wildcards, nesting, stemming, proximity operators, highlighting orphan lines, sharing search strategies, and search with field labels along with a few other options.