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Plagiarism: The Consequences of Plagiarizing

Learn the basics of plagiarism.

The Consequences of Plagiarizing

Plagiarizing may seem harmless. That's not the case. There can be several short-term and long-term consequences to plagiarism:


Short term: Plagiarism can ruin your college career.

From the A-State Student Handbook:

Faculty members may respond to cases of plagiarism in any of the following ways:

  • Return the paper or other item for rewriting: the grade may be lowered.
  • Give a failing grade on the paper or other item - "F" if a letter grade is used or zero if a numerical grade is used.
  • Give the student who plagiarized a failing grade in the course.
  • Recommend sanctions, including disciplinary expulsion from the university.


Long term: Plagiarism can ruin your career.

As more and more things go online and it becomes easier and easier to search, plagiarism is easier to detect than ever. Even if you get away with something now, that doesn't mean that it won't resurface later in your career. A plagiarism scandal could ruin your career. Look at the headlines below:


Walsh Quits Montana Senate Bid After Plagiarim Scandal
From The Atlantic


German Education Minister Quits Over PhD Plagiarism
From The Guardian


Hungarian President Resigns Over Doctorate Plagiarim Scandal
From The Guardian


And it's not just politicians who face consequences. Other cases in 2019 include: