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Arkansas State University

Leadership in Early Childhood Education (ECH 6783) Course Research Guide: Researching the Paper

This guide is intended to aid students in ECH 6783 with their research needs. The guide focuses on resources relevant to the course advocacy project.

Databases and Journals

Typically the best way to find scholarly materials on your topic is by searching the library's research databases. Below I have collected several of the databases most relevant to research in Education. You can also search for articles from a particular journal, which you can learn how to do from our Journals Search guide.

Remember if you are off-campus, you will need to log in with your MyCampus credentials before you can access any ebooks, journal articles or research databases. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are having trouble finding  or accessing the sources you need.

Search Tips

If you place quotation marks around multiple search terms it will search as an exact phrase. For example "classroom management" will find only those two words right beside each other, thus making your search more precise.

Any time you can think of another way to phrase your search or of synonymous terms, you can use the OR operator to broaden your search. For example, you could search for reading assessment OR reading tests and find more results than you would have for only one of the searches.

You can also truncate search terms to expand your search by adding an asterisk (*) at the end of your search term. For instance, adolescen* would yield results for adolescent, adolescents, and adolescence.

You can read more about Boolean operators in this guide.



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