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Arkansas State University

Request for Events: Parking

The easiest way on and off campus:

  • From the Marion Berry Overpass, take a right on Aggie and park in front of the Administration Building.  There are both free visitor and paid metered parking spots ($1.00 hour).  You will need to walk a short distance to the library.

The closest spots to the library are behind the library:

  1. Take Stadium and turn onto Aggie Road towards campus.  Take a left at University Loop, then a right at the stop sign.
  2. From the Marion Berry Overpass, take a left on Aggie and then another left onto University Loop and follow it under the Marion Berry Overpass.

‚ÄčThere are two parking lots behind the building: a smaller parking lot immediately to the right with free visitor parking (you will need to walk a short distance to the library) and the larger lot with free visitor parking on the far west end and metered closer to the entrance ($1.00 hour).  The larger lot will put you the closest to the library.