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Arkansas State University

Students Guide to the Library: Printing and Computers

Welcome to the A-State Library! This guide will help you get started navigating around the library and using its resources. It's a big place, but there's no need to be intimidated.


What do you utilize most at the Library?
Computers: 15 votes (18.07%)
Printing: 65 votes (78.31%)
Neither: 3 votes (3.61%)
Total Votes: 83

Mobile Printing

To print from your personal device, type in your web brower. 

Next, login and upload your documents and search for "Library" and choose Library Printer 1, 2 or 3 to print. 

Basic Info

     *My Print Center*       


Logging In

You will need to use your my.Astate username and password like the example below.

username: freshman.student

password: supersecretpassword

Library Account 

Access your account here to see what materials you have checked out, renew items, and view due dates.

Off-campus Access 

You will need to authenticate with your username and password.

Printing at the Library

You are allocated a certain amount of free printing each semester. Any unused printing will carry over into the next semester, except for the beginning of a new school year, when it will reset. *Summer print allocation is currently $5.00. 

  • Undergraduate students: $18.75 each Fall & Spring (about 375 pages)
  • Graduate (non-doctoral) students$25.00 each Fall & Spring (about 500 pages)
  • Doctoral students:$50.00 each Fall & Spring (about 1000 pages)

Each page you print costs $.05, unless you print double-sided, which only costs $.04 per page.

We currently only have black and white printing.

If you run out of free printing funds, you can add money to your Express Dollars account to continue printing.