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Literary Index: Author Searching

Learn how to use the Literary Index database.

Author Searching

Author Searching

The basic author search screen looks like this:




There are two main options given: name contains or start of last name. Name contains is the default setting, and will find any names you enter whether they are first, middle, and/or last names. Start of last name is just like it sounds: if you can't remember how a name is spelled perfectly or if you only know the beginning, you can select this option.

You can also choose to show up to 50 results at a time by clicking the drop down box beside Return Results. When you've entered your name(s), click on Search.

Here is an example of a name contains search for the author T.S. Eliot:      

t.s. eliot author


Clicking on the result link provides variant names (pen names, etc.), the author's nationality, a list of Gale publications that contain biographical information, and further down, a list of Gale publications that contain criticism of specific works.

Here, you see the names of the publications and the appropriate volume numbers for biographical information.


Scrolling further down the screen,  you can see the names of the author's works arranged alphabetically, followed by the publication name and volume number for where criticism of that work can be found.



Now, all you have to do is find out if the library subscribes to a given publication and locate it in the library. Learn how!