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Literary Index: Custom Searching

Learn how to use the Literary Index database.

Custom Searching

Custom Searching

The basic custom search screen looks like this:



You can see that it's actually a custom author search and does not allow you to search by the title of a work. However, you can search by author name, nationality, year of birth, and year of death. When searching by birth or death year, you can choose to find authors with an exact birth year, authors born before a certain year, or authors born after a certain year.

When you do a custom search, you don't necessarily have to enter an author's name. You can just search using any of the other options. For instance, below is the results page for a search of American authors who were born after 1970.


custom search


You can then choose your author just as you would in a typical author search.

 Now, all you have to do is find out if the library subscribes to a given publication and locate it in the library. Learn how!