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Arkansas State University

Library Catalog: Introduction

Use this guide to learn how to find books, magazines, dvds, pretty much anything using the Library Catalog.


Catalog is just the fancy name of the program that searches all of the Library's physical collection (books, DVDs, CDs, etc) and some of our eBook collections. While you can use OneSearch to search almost everything the library has access to, the Classic Catalog gives you more control and is great for non-journal, scholarly research.

The Library Catalog is available through the library home page. Simply go to the website and click on the "Library Catalog" link found under the OneSearch search bar:

Link to Library Catalog

Search Options

When you get the Catalog, you will discover several search options. The simplest to use is the basic search while the advanced search gives you the most control.

BASIC SEARCH includes a variety of ways to search: Keyword Relevance, Author, Title, Subject, Call Number, Journal Title Keyword, and Boolean (and, or, not).  When you click on the "Classic Catalog" link, it will automatically take you to the basic search.

ADVANCED KEYWORD SEARCH provides the use of templates to structure a search. It uses Boolean capabilities to combine the variables of a search. 

SUBJECT / AUTHOR SEARCHES allow you to limit your searches to a specific subject or author.  While you can also limit to specific subjects or authors through the other searches, these searches take the guess work out of what to do.