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Collection Management

Collection Management investigates and orders library resources including books, journals, databases, and other materials, maintains the Library's materials' budget, and solicits book and journal donations.


We also maintain current journal and newspaper subscriptions which includes monitoring online access, processing print journals and newspapers, and maintaining the journals area.


Frequently Asked Questions?
Current students, faculty, and staff
Currently enrolled students may have up to 3 requests filled per semester.
Curriculum-related books, DVDs, and music
• Courses or currently adopted textbooks
• Software due to licensing issues
• Generally, no duplicates of currently held materials.
The Collection Management Department accepts requests for library materials via our Request form.

Requests may also be made to Star Holloway through e-mail , campus mail, or in person at the Collection Management Office.

If you have questions regarding materials requests please call (870) 972-3354.
Faculty can contact their Departmental Library Liaison.
If there is an unusual circumstance, such as a last minute change to a course you are teaching, which causes you to need an item quickly, please state the time frame within which you need the item.
Typically we are charged more for rush orders, so please take that into consideration. We will contact you when your rush item arrives.

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

  Room 114       


   (870) 972-2549 or                       (870) 972-3669


Star Holloway
 Star Holloway
 Collection Management 
 Phone: 870-972-2549 

Kyle Smith

 Kyle Smith
 Library Technician
 Phone: 870-972-3669