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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Scholarly Projects: Home

Access DNP past DNP projects here.


Below you will find past scholarly projects created by Doctor of Nursing Practice students. We will add future projects as they become available. You can also find a complete record of scholarly projects in the library's catalog.

DNP Projects

Title Author Year File Type File Name
Validation of an Evaluation Tool for Simulation to Test Competency in Diagnosis & Management of Anaphylaxis by Nurse Anesthesia Students Black, Christie 2016 pdf, pdf DNP 1001
DNP 1001-1
Development and Implementation of a Nurse Driven Protocol to Increase Palliative Care Consults in Patients with Advanced Heart Failure Calendar, Amber 2017 docx, ppt DNP 1002-1
DNP 1002-2
In Patients with End-stage Renal Disease, How does Intentional Screening for Depression Affect Mental Health Referrals? Culbreath, Sara B. 2017 ppt, pdf DNP 1009-1
DNP 1009-2
Identifying and Accommodating Education and Research Barriers of Rural Nursing Staff in the Mississippi River Delta Hammon, L. Todd 2016 docx, ppt DNP_1014.docx
Does Intensive Behavioral Therapy Result in Greater Weight Loss Among Patients with Obesity at a 12-Week Interval Jones, Angela 2017 docx, docx, ppt DNP 1004-1
DNP 1004-2
DNP 1004-3
Identifying Factors That Impact Provider Adherence with Current Asthma Guidelines Martinez, Tammi 2017 docx, ppt DNP 1006-1
DNP 1006-2
Evaluation of a Competency-based Interprofessional Diabetes Management Education Module Norman, Bilinda 2017 ppt, pdf DNP 1008-1
DNP 1008-2
Are Education and Work Process Redesign Effective in Increasing Documentation of Annual Retinal Exams among Diabetic Patients? Screws, Stacy 2017 ppt, docx DNP 1007-1
DNP 1007-2
Impact of a Sepsis Coordinator on Patient Outcomes of Adult Patients with Sepsis Smith, Angela B. 2017 docx, ppt DNP 1010-1
DNP 1010-2
Development of a Sexual Assault Legal Education (SALE) Certification Program for Advanced Healthcare Providers Precepting Novice Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners in Arkansas Thompson, Heather Dawn 2017 pdf DNP 1012
A comparative study of CDE utilization rates and hospital admissions  for foot ulcerations between two hospitals Toombs, Amber 2017 ppt, docx DNP 1005-1
DNP 1005-2
Investigating the Incidence of Postoperative Mild Cognitive Impairment in Cognitively Intact Patients Aged 65-80 Years Undergoing General Anesthesia for Surgery  Ward, Bryon S. 2017 docx, png DNP 1011-1
DNP 1005-2
An Evaluation of Weight Loss After Prescribed Exercise in Adult Hispanics with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Watkins, Anna 2016 pdf DNP 1001-2
Early Identification and Screening of Adolescent Depression In Primary Care Williams, Ladonna 2017 docx, ppt DNP 1013-1
DNP 1013-2