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Boolean Searching: Home

This LibGuide explains Boolean searching, an important concept for searching almost any database.

Favorite Boolean connector?

Favorite Boolean connector?
AND: 103 votes (60.59%)
OR: 23 votes (13.53%)
NOT: 14 votes (8.24%)
DUH: 30 votes (17.65%)
Total Votes: 170

What is Boolean searching?

Boolean searching refers to a specific set of search "connectors" or "operators" that you can use to broaden or narrow your search. Boolean searching can be especially useful in ridding your search of "false drops," aka irrelevant results. Conversely, it can be helpful in increasing the number of relevant results you retrieve.

English mathematician and philosopher George Boole came up with Boolean Logic, of which the Boolean search connectors we use are a subset. Below is a picture of George Boole:

Boole ain't no fool.


As you can see, he was a rad chap. Click HERE to continue learning about Boolean searching.

You can also click here.                                                         Or here.


                     but not here.


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