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A short tutorial on finding state and federal information.








Finding Government Information

Click on the following links to learn more about each subject:

Documents in the Library

On the Web

How to Contact Your Elected Officials (opens another guide)

Tax Information (opens another guide)

Federal Government

Arkansas Government

Consumer Information (opens another guide)

Additional Resources

Government Documents Staff

Dominique Hallett
Government Documents Librarian
(870) 972-2962
Room 227
Bill (William) Sabin, Jr.
Library Support Assistant
(870) 972-2118
Room 219


The Astate Library was designated a federal depository library in 1913, and it is believed that Representative Thaddeus H. Caraway, Congressman from Jonesboro, was responsible for securing depository library status for Astate. The Dean B. Ellis Library is one of 1,270 federal depository libraries throughout the United States and territories that provide free access to the information resources of the federal government, and one of 13 federal depository libraries in the state of Arkansas. The Library's collection contains more than 100,000 U.S. government publications, in print, microform, and electronic formats.

FDLP News & Events

New York Law Institute’s Holiday Law Library Scavenger Hunt (This link opens in a new window) Nov 3, 2020

The New York Law Institute is hosting a festive, virtual Law Library Scavenger Hunt, and the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) is taking part in the fun. Each week they reveal a clue and puzzle for you to solve. The clues will lead you to different websites in the world of law libraries. Solve each puzzle in order to find the secret code for that week, and submit all scavenger hunt codes to enter to win prizes. Follow their blog and Twitter feed, and keep an eye out for a clue that will take you to one of GPO’s websites.

Trivia / Social Media Suggestions

November 7, 1967: Carl Stokes was elected as the first African American mayor of a major U.S. city (Cleveland, OH)

November 23, 1804: President Franklin Pierce's birthday

November 24, 1874: a patent for barbed wire was issued to Joseph Glidden

November 26, 1832: birthday of Mary Edwards Walker, the only woman to receive a Medal of Honor

Holidays, Special Days, and Observances

Election Day

Veterans Day (November 11)

Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November)

Native American Heritage Month

GIS Day and Geography Awareness Week (3rd week of November)

Daylight saving time ends (first Sunday in November)

Reference Resource of the Month

Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This data is used as a measure of inflation, in collective bargaining agreemenets related to income payments, and determining the cost of school lunches. 

The BLS also collects and provides numerous other data sets.

Major Economic Indicators Latest Numbers (This link opens in a new window)

Nov 5, 2020

Consumer Price Index (CPI):
+0.2% in Sep 2020
News Release
Historical Data

Unemployment Rate:
7.9% in Sep 2020
News Release
Historical Data

Payroll Employment:
+661,000(p) in Sep 2020
News Release
Historical Data

Average Hourly Earnings:
+$0.02(p) in Sep 2020
News Release
Historical Data

Producer Price Index - Final Demand:
+0.4%(p) in Sep 2020
News Release
Historical Data

Employment Cost Index (ECI):
+0.5% in 3rd Qtr of 2020
News Release
Historical Data

+4.9% in 3rd Qtr of 2020
News Release
Historical Data

U.S. Import Price Index:
+0.3% in Sep 2020
News Release
Historical Data

U.S. Export Price Index:
+0.6% in Sep 2020
News Release
Historical Data

p- preliminary