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Library Administration

Library Administration oversees the overall and financial operations of the library.

Library Administration is dedicated to providing resources to enrich the student learning experience, encourage exploration and research at all levels, and contribute to advancements in access to scholarly resources. We oversee the overall and financial operations of the Library.

In addition to overseeing library operations, the Library Administration office also has several building- and campus-wide responsibilities:

Building-Wide Responsibilities

  • Work Orders
  • Key Requests
  • Building Issues
  • Maintain Library Conference Room schedule

Campus-Wide Responsibilities

  • Maintain shared governance committee rosters and appointments

Jeff Bailey


Jeff Bailey

Dean of the Library
Phone: 870-972-2724

April Sheppard


April Sheppard

Assistant Library Director
Phone: 870-972-2766

Andrea Massie


Andrea Massie

Assistant to the Director
Phone: 870-972-2519


Library Mission Statement

We are a teaching library. Our vital information resources and skills advance the university community’s pursuit, development and sharing of knowledge.