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National Library Lovers' Month: Home

In this guide, you will be able to view comments from the A-State community about why it loves the Library.

Congratulations to our drawing winners: Enoch Anglin, Missy McCutcheon, Ed Salo, Kelly Sabin, Ruth Shi, and Ellen Johnson!

February 2021

Why Our Patrons Love the Library!

I love the Library because....


I love the Library because it fuels my favorite pastime -- reading. It lets me discover new authors and revisit old favorites.  -Rasheeda H. 

The quiet time, the big windows, and away from my kids. -Ruth

I love the library because it gives me a sense of encouragement and drive to complete assignments. I feel the most motivated in there, and I am guaranteed for success when I go. -Khalia C.

Library provides a peaceful place to do research, study, and write. It also houses the A-State Writing Center on the first floor, another wonderful asset. -Matt F. 

Study Rooms -Brianna K.

The books and the opportunities to learn new things. -Ed S. 

The Library provides access to thousands of books and resources to students - this includes computers and other technology that may otherwise be unavailable to many students. The Writing Center is another wonderful part of the Library all students should use - they are dedicated to helping you succeed in your classes. The staff in all areas of the Library are always friendly and helpful, providing a safe, welcoming environment for all students to study and learn. Besides that, there is a cool museum you can visit when you need a break from studying! The people dedicated to keeping the Library clean, well-stocked, and welcoming make it easy to love. -Enoch A. 

I love the library because it gives me the ability to have access to all sorts of information I may need or want for projects, papers, personal readings, etc! -Missy M. 

I love the Library because it gives a sense of calm no matter what the day brings. Even when the world closed libraries open it up for everyone to go anywhere. -Lyndsie O. 

I love the library because it always has what I need and even what I did not know I needed. I love to browse the shelves. -Amanda L.

I love the library because it is always inviting. -Samantha B. 

The juvenile section is the best and I love getting boos for class and also picking up my childhood favorite books as well. -Ellen J. 

I love the steamy romance novels, erotic fiction, and titillating art books. -Nunya I.

Because it is a GREAT resource for all Red Wolves! -Kelly S.

I love libraries because that's where the Free Brain Food is kept! -John S.




Student Assistant Specialist