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Adult Readers: Home

Introduces the main series within the Reader Collection geared to adults who are beginning to read in English. The Reader Collection is located in the Juvenile Collection on the second floor..

Featured Reader

Adult Readers are geared toward adults who are beginning to read in English.  Those that might best benefit from this collection are ESL students.  Most are assigned levels or stages to help you gain momentum through your reading journey while improving vital skills in comprehension and fluency.

Important Note:  While two books could be “Level 1” or “Stage 1” readers, they may not be on the same reading level.  If one is published by Oxford and the other by Penguin, then their system of evaluating readers could be different. 

While this is a guide to help you see what is available, it is essential that you look at the item carefully prior to checking it out.  The goal is to gain reading confidence in a higher level of understanding without higher levels of frustration.  Remember—simple stories can make the best stories!  So, take it slow and enjoy the read!

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