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Evaluating Websites: Evaluating Websites

How to tell the good from the bad.


Whether you are using a website for your paper or for personal purposes, it's always a good idea to evaluate the site.  The Internet is full of misinformation and you can't always immediately tell the bad sites from the good.

In order to evaluate websites, you need to think about:

It seems like a lot to think about when looking at a webpage, but with practice these points become easy and quick to spot.  Many of these points take only a few seconds to evaluate.

Keep in mind that just because a page is lacking in one point, doesn't mean the whole page is bad.  The reverse is also true.  Just because a web page meets some of the points, it still doesn't make it a good page. You have to look at all the points and THEN decide if the website is good or not.

On the following pages, you will see examples of sites that succeed in each point and fail.  Be prepared to see some pretty horrible (and some funny) websites!