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U.S. Government Statistical Agency Websites: N

Provides links to U.S. Government statistical agency websites


National Agricultural Statistics Service -Collects agricultural statistics including the Census of Agriculture

National Cancer Institute - Documents cancer research and statistics

National Center for Education Statistics - U.S. Dept. of Education statistical branch

National Center for Health Statistics -Collects medical and health care statistics

National Climatic Data Center - Collects recent and historical climatic data

National Geophysical Data Center - Collects data on the ocean, land, atmosphere, and solar-terrestrial environments

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Collects statistics on motor vehicle and highway safety and fatalities

National Institute of Mental Health  - Documents mental health trends and developments

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism -Documents these medical conditions and related research

National Institute on Drug Abuse -Collects drug abuse statistics and conducts related research

National Marine Fisheries Service -Collects fishery statistics

NOAA Economics - Collects statistics on climate, commerce, ecosystems, water, weather, and transportation

National Oceanographic Data Center -Collects oceanographic & coastal data

National Protection & Programs Directorate -Dept. of Homeland Security division documenting statistics on terrorism and natural threats, community responses etc.

National Science Foundation Science Resources Statistics - Federal scientific program data