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Guide to using the nursing database, CINAHL.

EBSCOhost Databases

Did you know that all 66 EBSCOhost databases have nearly the identical setup?  Once you learn CINAHL, you'll be able to easily use any of the EBSCOhost databases!

What is CINAHL?

CINAHL is a database used to find academic journal articles, books, pamphlets and dissertations. It's focus is on nursing, medical and allied health literature and it has many options available to greatly narrow your search towards specific types of materials or groups of research subjects.


Subject-specific databases such as CINAHL target only medical-related information, cutting out the general information that's not relevant to your topic such as you might find in Academic Search Complete.  You may still find relevant information in these other databases, but the subject-specific ones are the best places to begin your search.

Remember: Each database is different and sometimes it can be hard or frustrating starting your research. If you ever get the stuck, the staff at the Research & Information Desk will gladly help!

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