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This guide is intended to help you find both print and online education resources.


This guide is intended to help you find both print and online education resources. This guide is only a starting point for your research, it is not meant to be a comprehensive list of resources. If you need further assistance, please visit the Service Desk in the library or contact your librarian, Robert Robinette, at


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Finding Books in the Dean B. Ellis Library

All books in the library are arranged by subject using the Library of Congress classification system for call numbers and subject headings. The call number for education begins with "L". The basic breakdown is as follows:

L7 - L991


Education (General)

LA5 - LA2396


History of Education

LB5 - LB3640


Theory and Practice of Education

LC8 - LC6691


Special Aspects of Education

LD13 - LD7501


Individual Institutions; United States

LE3 - LE78


Individual Institutions; America, except United States

LF14 - LF5477


Individual Institutions; Europe

LG21 - LG961


Individual Institutions; Asia. Africa. Oceania

LH1 - LH9


College and School Magazines and Papers

LJ3 - LJ75


Student Fraternities and Societies, United States

LT6 - LT501



The numbers that follow these beginning letters relate to the narrower subject of the item. For example, a book about teaching children with ADHD would begin with the call number LC4713, while a book about distance learning would begin with LC5803.

Occasionally a very different call number will appear. This means the item is about more than education, and higher importance was given to the other subject when the call number was assigned.

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