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Arkansas State University

Journals Search: Home

A guide on how to use the Library's Journals Search to find journals and articles.


The Dean B. Ellis Library subscribes to many journals, both in print and electronic. Some journals are only available physically in the library, others are only available electronically. Some journals are only available one way, some are available a dozen different ways. This is where Library's Journals Search comes in. It will help you find whether we subscribe to a particular journal, which format we have it in, where to find it, and which dates we have access to. 

What is "Journals Search"?

The Library's Journals Search is a tool to help you find specific journals. It has three functions:

  • First, you can browse our journals by subject.
  • Second, you can browse our journals by title.
  • Third, you can search for any journal title or ISSN.

Why use the Journals Search instead of a database?

Databases are great tools for finding articles, but they're not so great at telling you which database has a specific article or telling you if we have an article physically in the library. 

For example, let's say your professor wants you to find an article in Women & Performance. Would you know which of our 300+ databases to look in? If you went straight to Project Muse to look for the article, it wouldn't be there. That's where the journal search comes in. Using that, you will discover that Women & Performance is only located in our physical, print collection and is not available online at all.

Women & Performance


In other words:

If your professor wants you to research a particular topic, use OneSearch or a database. If your professor gives you a specific journal or citation for you to read, use the journals search.