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Arkansas State University

Journals Search: Browse

A guide on how to use the Library's Journals Search to find journals and articles.

Getting Started

Have you ever had your professor tell you to search for an article in a particular subject? Let's say, sociology. Do you know what sociology journals we have? Doing a search in OneSearch will find some journals along with thousands and thousands of articles, magazines, books, videos, and more. It's too much. Doing a Journal Search for "sociology" will give you 93 results. However, this approach only searches for journals that have the word "sociology" in their titles. That means you miss sociological journals such as Child Development, Gender & Society, and Journal of Marriage and Family. To find everything, you need to browse by subject.

There are two browse functions: by title and by subject. To browse either, click on the "Browse by Title or Subject" link under the Find Journals search bar on the library's home page:

Click "Browse by Title or Subject" to Browse

After you click the "Browse by Title or Subject" link, you will be taken to a browse and search page:

Journals Search and Browse Page

This section is divided into three areas:

1. A search bar (search by keyword or ISSN)
2. Browse by Title
3. Browse by Subject


To Browse by Title

To browse journals by title, click on the letter that matches first letter of the journal title. For example if you want to see all the journals we have that start with the letter "X," you would click on "X." You will then be taken to an alphabetical list of titles. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when browsing by title:

  • Abbreviations are mixed in with regular titles and are not listed separately at the beginning. For example, the journal JAMA doesn't appear until the third page of results for the J's. (Note: if the beginning letter is by itself, like J. Genca, then it will be at the beginning).
  • In most cases, the list ignore articles (a, an, the) at the beginning of the titles. This includes foreign articles. For example, Die Naturwissenschaften, is included in the N's and not the D's.

To Browse by Subject

To browse by subject, click on the broad subject category that most closely relates to your topic. For example if I want to find journals on "sociology," I would click on the "Social Sciences" subject. This will expand the subject list to more narrowed subjects:

Sociology Example

As you can see above, Sociology & Social History is one of the subcategories, which is then further divided into 8 even more narrowed subjects. The number next to each subject is how many titles we have in each. All total, there's a total of 968 titles. That's A LOT more than 93 titles we found in the top box!