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Arkansas State University

Predatory Publishing: Spotting the Predatory Website

Predatory publishing is a fast growing problem for scholars. Learn how to spot the predatory scam!

The Predatory Website

Predatory Journal Website

Evaluating the Website

When I go to the journal's website, I immediately noticed this on the top corner:

"Regeister" Button

A reputable journal would never have such a prominently displayed typo.

Other issues:

  • More typos, particularly random capitalization.
  • Strange word choices: "You are enforced"
  • When I click on "Indexing" all it says is "coming soon." Reputable journals should be indexed in reputable places.
    Indexing coming soon...
  • Outrageous publishing prices. This is major red flag. (Note: In a year period, this charge has gone up by $400).
    $770 Article Processing Charge
  • No contact information for the journal or editor-in-chief.
  • Editorial board and peer reviewers include people from all disciplines - not just library science. What expertise in libraries and information science do a mechanical engineer and an auditor have? Interestingly, none of the people list are the ones I'm supposedly receiving emails from.
    Editors from variety of fields
  • No photos or contact information given for editors or peer reviewers.
  • Editorial board and peer reviewers are all international and was difficult to verify their credentials and background.
  • Articles are written and published in English, but many editors and reviewers do not appear to publish in English themselves.
  • When I looked up editors and peer reviewers, their actual area of expertise did not always match what was listed on the journal's website.
  • No information about peer reviewed process.
  • Significant portion of page is dedicating to article processing charges, not peer review process, copyright, or policies.

This journal is part of the "Science Publishing Group." I quickly noticed these issues:

  • Science Publishing Group claims it publishes over 200 scholarly journals in practically every subject that exists (from art to medicine).
  • They are located on Fashion Avenue in New York City - odd place for an academic publisher. When I checked Google maps, I did not see them.
  • None of their social media pages have been updated since October 2016.