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Cochrane Library: Advanced Search

Guide to using the Cochrane Library database.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search lets you be much more specific and narrow your search down in a number of ways. 


First, you can enter multiple search terms in separate search boxes and search different fields combining them with AND, OR, NOT drop-downs that are automatically added each time you click on the + to add a search box.  You can keep adding search boxes by clicking on the '+'.



Then by clicking on "Search Limits" underneath the dropdown boxes, you can limit your search further:

  • Choose which database or databases out of Cochrane Reviews you wish to search rather than searching everything.
  • Restrict your search by the record status. (New (for all)), Conclusion Changed, Withdrawn, Commented, etc. (for reviews only))
  • Choose a date range to search within for all databases or for Cochrane only.



From the Advanced Search page you may also search by MeSH descriptor, keep track of your current search history of searches added to the Search Manager and look at Saved Searches if you are logged in and Browse through all of Cochrane's reviews.


Go to the Search Tips tab for detailed help on using the Advanced Search.

MeSH Subject Heading searching is also available.