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Children's Literature & Juvenile Collection: Finding Books

This page is intended to help you find Children's Literature sources, book reviews, and to use the Juvenile Collection.
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When looking for anything located in the Children's Collection, it is best to use the Library Catalog. This will help narrow your search to just things physically located in the Library. The links to the Library Catalog are located on both the left side of the library homepage and below the ONESEARCH search box. 

Using the Library Catalog versus the OneSearch box will give you better results.


The Library Catalog has two searches:



This is the most straight-forward search. Enter your search term in the box and to the right, choose between the drop down options of Keyword, Title, Author, and more. If you want the broadest search possible, choose Keyword - this searches everywhere.

Under your search bar is a "Limit To" drop down menu. Here, select "Juvenile Materials."

Limit to Juvenile Materials

Click search!



If you need more searching options, click on the "Advanced" tab to switch to the Advanced Search.

Here, you can combine different search terms using the AND, OR, NOT connectors. You can also choose "as a phrase" to keep words together, such as "African American." To the right of the search boxes is another drop down menu with a large list of areas you can choose to search from. Remember: "Keyword" will give you the broadest results. 

Under the search boxes will be an option to limit your search by years. Under that, is the "Location" drop down menu. Choose "Juvenile Materials" to limit your search to just the children's books. 



You can also search for an author by clicking on the “Author” tab above the search box and entering the required information.


***When searching the Library Catalog, capitalization is not important and does not affect your results***

***Use only the Library Catalog Advanced Search to get the best results for in-depth searching***