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Arkansas State University

Students Guide to the Library: Getting around the Library

Welcome to the A-State Library! This guide will help you get started navigating around the library and using its resources. It's a big place, but there's no need to be intimidated.


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Library Floor Plans

Click the link below to view Library resources on each floor.

‚ÄčLibrary Floor Plans

Directions to Campus

Jonesboro is easy to get to from anywhere in Arkansas and the Mid-South. Drive on over to check out our campus, you'll be glad you did.

Printable directions


Virtual Tour of the Library

Note: The main entrance of the Library is on the 2nd floor.

This video provides a quick first-person tour of the Library's main floor.


Did you know...

The 4th and 5th floors of the Library are designated quiet areas?

You may report excess noise to the Library's service desk on the 2nd floor.

You can call, email, or send us a chat, and we will send up our Chief Shushing Officer.

Our friends in the Library building

The Library also houses several other departments. 

1st floor:

  • The Writing Center
  • The Communications Center
  • The Learning Commons
  • University College
  • IT Computer Lab
  • The A-State Museum (on second floor too)

2nd floor:

  • Main entrance to the Library proper
  • Second floor entrance to the Museum
  • Simply2Go Café

3rd floor:

  • ITTC Faculty Center
  • Library Administration
  • Distance Learning/Compressed Video
  • Library General Collection/Study Rooms

4th and 5th floors:

  • Library General Collection/Study Rooms

6th floor:

  • Office of Assessment
  • ORTT

7th floor:

  • Archives and Special Collections
  • Heritage Studies

8th Floor:

  • Meeting space