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Research with NAICS/SIC Codes: Industry codes applied

Learn to find research using NAICS/SIC codes

Linking the research to businesses

One of the aims of this guide is to connect businesses with original research that could affect them. In addition, the Delta Regional Authority has an interest in boosting area businesses by connecting them with research in order to alleviate problems in the Delta such as poverty, obesity, and unemployment.

Research examples

Below are some examples of original, scholarly research articles linked to their respective NAICS codes. This research could in turn be utilized by businesses to potentially improve or add something new to their operations.

NAICS 531 -- Real Estate

  • Kleinhans, R., & Elsinga, M. (2010). 'Buy Your Home and Feel in Control' Does Home Ownership Achieve the Empowerment of Former Tenants of Social Housing?. International Journal Of Housing Policy, 10(1), 41-61. Link
  • Bostic, R. W., & Lee, K. O. (2008). Mortgages, Risk, and Homeownership among Low- and Moderate-Income Families. American Economic Review, 98(2), 310-314. Link

NAICS 1121 -- Cattle Ranching and Farming

  • Gomez, A., Cook, N. B., Socha, M. T., & Döpfer, D. (2015). First-lactation performance in cows affected by digital dermatitis during the rearing period. Journal Of Dairy Science, 98(7), 4487-4498. Link
  • Nor, N. Mohd, W. Steeneveld, M. C. M. Mourits, and H. Hogeveen. 2015. The optimal number of heifer calves to be reared as dairy replacements. Journal Of Dairy Science, 98(2): 861-871. Link

NAICS 7221 -- Full Service Restaurants

  • Beneda, N. (2009). Operating performance and leverage in the restaurant industry. Corporate Finance Review,13(6), 40-43. Link
  • Ragusa, R. (2011). Integration of company responsibility, the learning process: The autogrill case. The Journal of Management Development, 30(10), 1000-1016. Link


Below are examples of research that might potentially affect one of the DRA's goals--increasing home ownership in the Delta Region. However, this research has not been assigned NAICS codes. Trained coders would need to analyze and assign NAICS codes to the research.

  • Galster, G., Aron, L., & Reeder, W. (1999). Encouraging mortgage lending in 'underserved' areas: The potential for expanding home ownership in the US. Housing Studies, 14(6), 777-801. Link
  • Stegman, M. A., & Luger, M. I. (1993). Issues in the design of locally sponsored home ownership programs. American Planning Association.Journal of the American Planning Association, 59(4), 417. Link
  • Bond, M. T., Seiler, V. L., & Seiler, M. J. (2003). The effects of multicultural diversity in real estate brokerage. The Journal of Real Estate Research, 25(4), 529-542. Link