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Arkansas State University

OneSearch: Advanced Keyword Search

Use this guide to learn how to find books, journal articles, magazines, dvds, pretty much anything using OneSearch..

Advanced Keyword Search

As you can see below, the Advanced Search has many, many more options than the basic OneSearch box on the library's homepage.

1. Before each search box is a drop down field menu. The default is "All Fields" which searches every part of the record for your keyword(s), but you can change it something else, like author or title, to narrow your search to just that field.

2. Boolean drop down menu to connect your search terms (AND, OR, NOT).

3. Enter each keyword or phrase in a separate search box.

4. The + symbol adds more search boxes and the x removes them. You can have up to 20 boxes.

5. Publication date. Click a highlighted date range (12 months, 3 years, 5 years) to auto limit to those date or use the calendars or boxes to enter a custom date.

6. Lots of limits to choose from! You can limit by content type, discipline (subject), language, limit to specific results, exclude certain results, and expand to include resources beyond the A-State Library's collection.

7. The search button! You know what this does.

8. There is a link at the top and bottom of the page to return to a basic search.

9. OneSearch allows you to create a free account to save your searches and results. Don't forget to sign in with your free account or your saved items may disappear.

10. The top dark bar contains helpful links including the "Help" link for in-depth instructions on using OneSearch.

OneSearch Advanced