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Arkansas State University

OneSearch: Basic Search

Use this guide to learn how to find books, journal articles, magazines, dvds, pretty much anything using OneSearch..

Basic Search

OneSearch Basic


The OneSearch box on the library's home page is the basic search option. It's pretty straightforward and easy to use.

1. Type your search terms (keywords) here.

2. Don't forget to hit search (or enter on your keyboard)!

3. Before you search, you can select one of three limits:

Full Text Online: Click this to limit to resources available completely online (ebooks, streaming video, online articles, etc).

Scholarly & Peer Reviewed: Click this box to limit your search to scholarly and peer reviewed items only. If you want full text, scholarly resources, you can click both this box and the full text one! (Note: OneSearch can't verify if something is actually scholarly, so you may need to double check).

Books: Click this box to limit the search to the Library Catalog and focus your search on items physically in the library and some online resources (i.e. some ebooks).

4. If you want more options and limits before you search, click the "Advanced Search" link to go to the advanced search.


After you search, a basic search bar will remain at the top of each page so you don't have to go back to the library's home page to start over:

OneSearch Search Bar - Top of Screen