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Arkansas State University

OneSearch: Search Result Page

Use this guide to learn how to find books, journal articles, magazines, dvds, pretty much anything using OneSearch..

Result Page

After you search, you will be taken to a results screen. At first glance, there's a lot happening on the page. But don't worry! There's a lot of very helpful information here that is easy to navigate once you know what you're looking at.

This page is mostly broken down into three sections: Results, Limiters, and Helpful Information:


Results Section of OneSearch Results Page


1. The search bar contains the search you just did. If you don't like the results you got, you can do a new search.

2. The total number of results. If the number is really high, you may want to narrow your search. If your number is really low, check your spelling.

3. How the results are ordered. The default is relevance, meaning that the higher the result is on the list, the more likely it matches your search. You can change the order listed to date, author, or title.

4. By default, OneSearch only searches things the library owns. If you want to see what else might exist, click this box to search beyond our collection.

5. The actual results! Notice that each entry gives you an icon and some basic information about the resource. You can click the Preview link to view more information. To view any resource, click on its title. You can also click on author names to find more items by the same author.

6. Each result has icons for the following tools: link, cite, email, and save. Click on the icon of the tool you want. If you use the cite tool, always make sure to double check the citation!


Limiters Section of OneSearch Results page


This section of the page allows you to select options to narrow, or limit, your results. Options with a green checkmark have been selected. Click on any open to select/deselect or use the "Clear Filters" link to clear everything.

7. The top section are your refine options which mostly aligns with the options on the library's home page.

8. More limiters. Click on any heading to see the options below. Each option will have a number next to it that tells you how many resources meet that criteria.

Note: Listed options under each heading is in most to least order. To view all the options in an area, click "More..." This will also list the options in alphabetical order.

Helpful Information

Helpful Information Section on OneSearch Results Page

9. Looking for a specific journal? Use the Journal Search! (Note: this does not find articles, just actual journals).

10. OneSearch allows you to create a free account to save your searches and results. Don't forget to sign in with your free account or your saved items may disappear.

11. The top dark bar contains helpful links including the "Help" link for in-depth instructions on using OneSearch.

How is Relevance Determined?

Believe it or not, the Library uses a fancy algorithm that gives weight to different factors and assigns points. The more "points" an item has, the higher in the list it appears. For example if your keyword appears in the title, it gets a point. If your keywords appears in the item's subject listing, it gets another point. Two keywords in a subject listing? Two points!