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Philosophy: Home

This guide is intended to help you find both print and online philosophy resources.


This guide is intended to help you find both print and online philosophy resources. This guide is only a starting point for your research, it is not meant to be a comprehensive list of resources. If you need further assistance, please visit the Service Desk in the library.



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Analytic philosophers: 4 votes (80%)
Continental philosophers: 1 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 5
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All books in the library are arranged by subject using the Library of Congress classification system for call numbers and subject headings. The majority of call numbers for Philosophy begin with "B". The basic breakdown is as follows:

B1 - B5802 - Philosophy (General)
     B69 - B99  -    General Works
     B108 - B708 -     Ancient Philosophy
     B720 - B765  -    Medieval Philosophy
     B770 - B785 -     Renaissance Philosophy
     B790 - B5802 -     Modern Philosophy
BC1 - BC199 - Logic
BD10 - BD701 - Speculative Philosophy
     BD10 - BD41 -     General Philosophical Works
     BD95 - BD131  -    Metaphysics
     BD143 - BD237  -    Epistemology. Theory of Knowledge.
     BD240 - BD260  -    Methodology
     BD300 - BD450     -    Ontology. Including being, the soul, life, death.
     BD493 - BD701  -    Cosmology. Including space and time, structure of matter.
BH1 - BH301 - Aesthetics
BJ1 - BJ1750 - Ethics
BL51 - 65 - Philosophy of Religion

Occasionally a totally different call number will appear, such as N7477 .U53 Understanding Art Objects : Thinking through the Eye.  This means the item is about more than art than it is about aesthetics and higher importance was given to the other subject when the call number was assigned.

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Best branch of philosophy?
Epistemology: 1 votes (50%)
Metaphysics: 1 votes (50%)
Logic: 0 votes (0%)
Aesthetics: 0 votes (0%)
Ethics/political philosophy: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 2