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Archival Usage Guidelines & Procedures

Reading Room Guidelines - PLEASE BRING YOUR ID!

Archives and Special Collections expects all researchers to make every possible effort to protect and preserve the materials being used. All items must be used in accordance to the guidelines below. We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone we feel has violated any of the guidelines outlined therein.

1. Until further notice, only one person is allowed in the reading room at a time.

2. Masks are optional in the reading room.

3. Upon arrival on each visit, please sign in and present your current photo ID (A-State ID, school ID, driver’s license, or government-issued ID). Your ID will be returned to you when all material is returned to the staff at the reading room service desk.

4. Clean hands are required before handling materials. Do not use hand lotion prior to handling material since it will cause irreversible damage. There are washrooms in Archives & Special Collections you may use.

5. Only loose-leaf paper, pencils, and/or laptop computers are allowed at the reading room tables. Notebooks and ink pens are not allowed.

6. The staff reserves the right to inspect all research materials and personal articles before you leave.

7. Food, beverages, candy, gum or similar consumables are not allowed in the reading room.

8. Special permission from staff is required for any photography, sound recording, or use of other copying devices.

9. You may request up to ten archival boxes or books at a time, but only one box or five books may be on your reading table at a time.

10. Sensitive materials, like photographs, require gloves to be worn while handling. Staff will provide appropriate gloves when handling such materials. 

For security reasons, all material must be returned to staff at the service desk no later than 15 minutes before closing. Submit any duplication requests at this time. We strictly adhere to copyright law when filling duplication requests. Only occasionally will we provide same-day duplication. Requests will be filled usually within seven business days.