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The Queen is a Cannibal?! (Misinformation Story Adventure): Intro

Use your understanding of misinformation to clear your name with the City Guard. Start with the intro and choose your next steps wisely!

Instructions: Welcome to the Misinformation Story Adventure: The Queen is a Cannibal?! This story will help you to better understand how to identify misinformation and how to convince others of misinformation. Start with this page. As the story progresses, select your next steps at the bottom of the page. But choose wisely! While there are multiple right answers and ways to win, several choices lead to death!


Dark dungeon with cell door 
Gowrisha, 2020



You open your eyes to find yourself in near complete darkness. As you blink, your eyes adjust to the low light given off by a single torch in a hallway outside your cell. You quickly take inventory of your surroundings: steel bars in the front of the cell; damp rocks forming the other three walls; in the corner opposite a wooden bucket surrounded by what you hope if mud; beneath you moldy hay, bugs scurrying as you shift your weight.

How did you end up here? You don't really remember. The last thing you can recall is getting into an argument with another adventurer at the local tavern. As you sit up and stretch your sore limbs, the memory of the argument takes shape.

Adventurer: I'm tellin' ya! Queen Bertha is a cannibal!

You: Ha! You have been listening to too many tales from the bard. The Queen is no such thing!

You groan as a distant door creeks opens. Brisk footsteps grow louder as they move towards your cell until a large, menacing looking woman stands at your cell door. "Prisoner," she barks, "Stand up!" With great effort, you get to your feet and stumble weakly to the door.

"Do you know why you are here?"

"No," you reply with a painful shake of the head. "The last thing I remember was arguing with another adventurer in the tavern. But it was just words."

"Ah, but it wasn't 'just words' now, was it? Do you remember the nature of your argument?"

"He said the Queen was a cannibal, I told him that he was wrong."

"I see. Funny thing is, THAT'S the complete opposite of their story. Sir Franklin says you're the one who called Her Majesty a cannibal and he was protecting her honor."


What do you do next?

Grab the wooden bucket in your cell, throwing its contents at the guard's face -- Turn to page 2

Offer to prove that the story of the queen is misinformation and not true -- Turn to page 3


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